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Saving time is the first step in saving lives. Air Ambulance Services are used when ground transport could endanger a patient's life. They are also indispensable when the patient is in a remote area and time is critical.Aviation companies take care of the aviation logistics. Medical aspects like trained personnel, equipment and care are provided by Medulance's experienced team.

Medulance's Air Ambulance services conquer time and distance in emergencies and saves lives.

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Points to Remember

  • Medulance air ambulance service that can be contacted on either our website or our mobile application.
  • We then get in touch with our aircraft partners and confirm logistics (availability of aircraft, nearest landing strip, weather conditions, statutory permissions etc).
  • Caller is called back by our command and control staff and detailed information is shared including cost and estimated time to reach the patient/caller.
  • Upon confirmation of charges and logistics by caller/patient, air ambulance is dispatched immediately.