Meet Medulance

Medulance is a user friendly way to request and track ambulances close to you.

Why we exist ?

India's first, GPS based technology platform for fast and reliable first point medical attention.

With an increasing emphasis on promoting independent living today, having access to the nearest ambulance to you can provide much needed peace of mind in a worst case scenario.


On the go convenience

One touch access to
medical emergency services.

Advance Booking

Book ambulances in advance
for hassle-free hospital visits.

Transparent pricing

Convenient mechanism, with
online and cash payment mode.

Emergency contact

Keep your dear ones close
with emergency contact option.

Tips & First aid information

Arm yourself with relevant
information during any
emergency scenario.

Easy communication

Seamless communication
with ambulance drivers

Know what you need

ALS (Advanced Life Support)

ALS ambulance is staffed by a Paramedic and is used to transport patients who require high level of care, cardiac monitor and/or a ventilator during transport. It is an I.C.U on wheels.

BLS (Basic Life Support)

BLS Ambulance provides transport to patients who are non ambulatory, bed confined, do not require cardiac monitoring and are in a non-life threatening condition.

Patient Transport

Patient Transport ambulance is the most basic type of transport available to patients requiring ambulatory support for their healthcare appoints, or for admission to and discharge from hospital.


Mortuary Van/Ambulance helps in the transportation of a deceased patient from one place to another.

Know what to do

Few aspects of better preparation to ease stress for user and faster turn around time, applicable
for home, office or other out-of-hospital locations

Gather all medications that the patient is taking in one spot, or have a correct, up to date list of medications available.

Wear very loose clothing, most often the the ambulance crew will need to access the patient’s arms, chest and abdomen for examination.

If you have a pet, kindly ensure it is secured in a different room, to avoid interference with medical crew and equipment.

If you can, make sure that all furniture is moved out of the way, for the crew to bring their stretcher and equipment

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 Know what you need

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